The TLC: Testing and Linkage to Care program is required for anyone wishing to provide testing services at a Maryland Department of Health funded entity in Maryland. There are three (3) core components of the TLC program.

(1) TLC eLearning Course

A 6 module self-paced eLearning course. This course provides a baseline foundation for learners who may be new to HIV testing or need basic information about testing and linkage to care. Each module contains knowledge checks to assist the learner with their knowledge acquisition. A post test is required to complete the eLearning course and a score of at least 80% is required.

(2) TLC Supplemental Sessions

A series of five (5) supplemental self-guided sessions that cover additional topics of interest to HIV testers in the State of Maryland. These supplemental sessions cover the following topics:

  • Testing Technologies

  • ACTS and Intersections of IPV/DV 

  • Partner Services and Cultural Empathy

  • Managing Client Reactions

  • Viral Hepatitis 101

Each learner is required to participate in each supplemental session. 

(3) Simulation Assessment

After successfully completing the 6-module eLearning course and the five supplemental self-guided sessions a learner must participate in a Self-Assessment and Simulation Assessment. The Self-Assessment determines a learner’s readiness for the Simulation Assessment, which is a one-on-one facilitated assessment. During the Simulation Assessment a tester will demonstrate proficiency using fingerstick and/or oral swab tests for a trained facilitator. Once completed, the learner will receive a certificate of completion. 

The Testing and Linkage to Care curriculum is composed of a self-paced elearning course and 5 self-paced webinars on HIV testing topics. Learners must complete the self-paced course and all four self-paced webinars to complete the curriculum and enroll in the HIV Testing Skills Assessment. 

This course is only available for learners/testers who are based in Maryland. If you believe you should be able to access the course and cannot please email eLearning@healthhiv.org.