HealthHIV ASO/CBO Leadership TrainingTM

Offers five, self-paced, online training modules for ASO/CBO leaders and emerging leaders to maintain and enhance the viability of ASO/CBOs to remain relevant in the dynamic healthcare environment. HealthHIV launched the first-of-its-kind HealthHIV ASO/CBO Leadership Training Programâ„¢ in 2016.

This module will provide tips on how to recruit and hire so that your organization can thrive under the best people.

This module will explore strategies for optimizing your staff members' strengths through coaching and mentoring.

This module will discuss the core characteristics, core practices, and emergent qualities that enable inspiring leadership in organizations and lives. 

This module will provide a basic understanding of how to manage performance so you can reach your greatest potential as an organization.

This module will walk you through the process of effective success planning and knowledge transfer so you can enjoy long-term success.