HealthHIV Board Leadership Training (BLT) ProgramTM

HealthHIV launched the first-of-its-kind HealthHIV Board Leadership Training Programâ„¢ in 2017 as a resource for ASO/CBO board members to provide practical tools and resources to promote sustainability and model adaptation. It is essential for ASO/CBO board members to engage meaningfully in strategic thinking and organizational sustainability planning to enhance the viability of ASO/CBOs to remain relevant.

A brief, introductory course to familiarize the learner with the purpose of this program and provide a brief overview of HealthHIV.

This provides participants with core knowledge and skills needed to be effective as an ASO/CBO board member. The course reviews key roles and responsibilities of ASO/CBO board members, the basics of nonprofit board structure, composition and operations, and strategies for effective communication with internal staff of their organization.

This course will teach participants basic strategies and skills to assess their existing board and identify and recruit new board members. This course also will help participants to identify opportunities for cultivating relationships with potential board members, as well as discuss key board member onboarding activities.

This course explores how ASO/CBO board members can engage in strategic thinking to ensure their organization is implementing strategies that ensure organizational relevance and program sustainability.

This course explores how board members can, and should, understand the finances of their ASO/CBO and make informed decisions regarding financial matters. The need for financial understanding is a critical part of being an effective board member. While board members do not need to be experts, all should all be familiar and comfortable with discussing finances, budgets, forecasting and other components of effective financial management.

This course focuses on how ASO/CBO board members can best engage community and networks for resource development. Resource development is essential to ensure that program and financial bottom lines are stable so that organizations can achieve their mission effectively.