This series centers on writing, acquiring, and managing foundational and corporate grants as well as partnering with state entities and fundraising. This training covers grant readiness, collaboration and sustainability, preparation and presentation of needs statements, stewardship, and the role of budgets in grant applications.

This training’s production occurred through the Alive! Maryland program. The original sessions were conducted via the Zoom platform, and featured a question and answer section throughout the training. 

Faculty: Laurie Jarrett Rogers, independent grant writer

Learning Objectives

● Define and summarize what it means to be grant ready 

● State the need for collaboration and sustainability 

● Discuss how to prepare and present a community needs statement 

● Demonstrate steps to develop a sound and tailored proposal to funding sources at the corporate, non-profit, and government levels 

● Describe a plan on how to prepare and present a report to a potential funder 

● Recognize the critical role of stewardship 

● Explain the role of budgets in a grant application 

NOTE: This module does NOT award credits.