This webinar will provide an overview of EHE, as well as the context and current state of the HIV epidemic. This webinar will also address different forms of PrEP and PrEP formulations, how PrEP is utilized, side effects of PrEP use, and barriers to HIV treatment. The presentation will include case studies to illustrate these topics and the faculty will connect each topic's role in Ending the HIV Epidemic.

Faculty: Dr. Tyris Ford

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Outline HIV and PrEP disparities in the United States.
  • Explain the importance of utilizing a status neutral approach to Ending the HIV Epidemic in the US.
  • Summarize current HIV prevention and treatment formulations and guidelines.
  • Review common side effects of PrEP and HIV treatment.
  • Identify barriers and opportunities to increase PrEP uptake and retain persons living with HIV in care.


Approximate time to complete: 1 hour

Jointly provided by Postgraduate Institute for Medicine and HealthHIV

Release Date: 4/25/23

Expiration Date: 4/25/24

UAN #JA4008162-9999-23-166-L02-P