This webinar seamlessly combines theory and practice to empower participants with the essentials of outreach and secondary exchange. Delve into the significance of these approaches and the common barriers faced in their implementation. Discover highly effective strategies for outreach, recruitment, and engagement. Recognize the indispensable role of People Who Use Lived Experience (PWLE) in all aspects of Syringe Services Programs (SSPs). Additionally, gain valuable insights into available SSP resources in the DC area, ensuring comprehensive and inclusive care provision. 

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Acquire foundational knowledge in outreach and secondary exchange methods.
  • Gain a nuanced understanding of the significance of outreach and secondary exchange, while identifying and addressing associated barriers.
  • Master highly effective strategies for conducting outreach and maximizing recruitment engagement.
  • Recognize the pivotal role of involving People Who Use Lived Experience (PWLE) in all facets of SSPs.
  • Become familiar with the available SSP resources within the DC area.

Faculty: Carolina Diaz, ACR Health and Elizabeth Wright, ACR Health 

NOTE: This module does NOT offer continuing education credits.