Telehealth: Implementation During COVID-19 and Implications Moving Forward

Telehealth encompasses a broad range of healthcare activities, such as direct provision of health services by video or phone, use of apps or text message services to promote health, integration of remote monitoring or wearable devices to provide real-time health data measures, and tele-mentoring consultations. The uptake of telehealth has been slow in the United States for the delivery of healthcare services for individuals with chronic conditions like HIV and viral hepatitis. The COVID-19 pandemics offered providers and patients the opportunity to deliver and receive remote healthcare services via telehealth. This session will provide learners an overview of telehealth models used delivery of prevention, care, treatment, and support services for individual with chronic conditions, as well as, to forecast future use of technology in healthcare.


Michael Shankle, Senior Director of Capacity Building, HealthHIV

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