Session #1: 

Session Title: The intersection of Health Literacy, and Women’s Health: Leveraging our Experience and Research to Improve Health Outcomes

Session Description:
Health Literacy can be catalyst to improving the health of women regardless of HIV status. In this track session we will display how the use of different vehicles to increase knowledge and empower critical skills to reduce health disparities for women. Establishing initiatives that share real stories and promote discussion will bridge women to work together to increase knowledge, attitudes and beliefs about HIV, PrEP and retention in care. Lastly, we will explore strategies to improve health models that increase engagement in research and advocacy.

Session Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe successful methods to increase health literacy skills for women living with HIV. 

  2. Discuss strategies for effective intervention for PrEP uptake in Black women.

  3. Understand similarities that exist between cisgender, transgender women of color that increase risk for HIV.

  4. Discuss frameworks to promote health and foster cross-sector collaborations to improve outcomes.

  5. Describe effective ways to increase HIV education tailored for Black women.

Session #2: 

Session Title: Creating a Circle of HIV Care for Women

Session Description:
Women living with HIV (WLWH) face unique challenges when it comes to care and treatment. The existing models of care must consider the degrees in which women engage and process information. This session will expound on the impact of well-designed virtual support groups on engagement of care, medication adherence, and emotional and behavioral health. We will also address how to scale interventions across multiple populations of women.

Session Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss specific barriers and challenges to engaging women in HIV Care

  2. Identify models for effective virtual support groups to improve health outcomes for HIV-Positive transgender and cis Women

  3. Understand the  components of client centered goals that promote engagement in care

Session #3: 

Session Title: The Invisible Community of Women Ending the Epidemic

Session Description:
This conference session will challenge mindsets and belief around how systems change. Witness how women take the lead on advocating for healthy and whole living  and how they leverage power dynamics to work in their favor. Many laws around women of color impede reproductive and sexual freedom instead of providing justice through protection and empowerment. Lack of access to culturally appropriate perinatal healthcare for Black women further increases health disparities  Navigation of healthcare for black lesbian and queer women and girls can be a very daunting process resulting lack medical and behavioral health.  Focus groups and survey finding show need for increased efforts to decrease barriers to sexual freedom and reproductive health for Black women.

Session Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the intersectionality of power, and criminalization of women’s bodies

  2. Identify advocacy messaging on issues impacting stigmatization of Black women

  3. Describe health disparities and risk factors among Black lesbian and queer women and girls

  4. Identify patient-centered preventative care models

  5. Understand the importance in perinatal mental health training for mental health providers