Session Description:
This dynamic session will focus on how colonization has influenced the health/social service fields and the need to increase the capacity of emerging leaders of color within these spaces to equip them with skills, mentors, and introspection that help them advance in their varied personal career trajectories. This session will cover the development of HealthHIV’s HIV Prevention Certified Provider Program (HIV PCP), which is an online, self-paced CME curriculum composed of five courses in HIV prevention detailing the pertinent clinical and practice information that clinicians need to effectively employ HIV prevention interventions.

Session Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the colonization of America and the issues colonization has created in social service and healthcare fields

  2. Identify strategies for prioritizing Black and Brown client voices

  3. Describe how vulnerability and trauma arise when health department POC represent marginalized communities impacted by health inequities, while simultaneously doing the work to remediate disparities

  4. Understand the synergy between how structural systems of oppression drive POC staff and community related inequities, while providing solutions that empower participants to build meaningful relationships and work towards equitable public health practices

  5. Describe the need for primary care providers to receive comprehensive training in HIV prevention

  6. Discuss the role of stigma, discrimination, trauma, and social determinants of health in HIV prevention